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"Mission of RICOS"

"RICOS aims to realize a world that people can instantly make the visualized ideals real by utilizing computational science and technology in the site of manufacturing and promotes research and development."

* CAE: Design, development, and simulation of industrial products using computers

Process after Improvement


The goals of RICOS

  • Enables interactive design and evaluation
  • The preparation work of CAE is automatically used and the computation is fast
  • A world anyone can use the CAE

Business area

AI specialized in CAE

Simulation can take about one day to one week per time, and if users do multiple trials and errors, it takes a lot of computation time and cost. Therefore, RICOS has developed an AI algorithm "IsoGCN"", which specializes in application to simulation data so that faster and interactive design and evaluation are possible. "IsoGCN" has the following three features.

AI specialized in CAE
Three Features of IsoGCN,Reduction of computation enable drastic speed-up of simulation, Because the 3D shape can be understood in detail, it is suitable for predicting complicated shapes, Because it incorporates physical phenomena in the algorithm, users can get highly reliable results for new product shape.

Automating and speed-up CAE workflow

In order to perform simulation, not only complicated processes but also engineers with advanced knowledge are required, as well as design → creation of CAD shape → meshing → condition setting → numerical simulation → evaluation.
RICOS develops the following basic technologies and OSS to automate and speed up these processes.

Automating and speed-up CAE workflow
Fundamental Technologies andOSS、Pursuit of simple CAE UI and UX, Automation software of CAD shape generation, Calculation high-speed software for linear solver, Rectangle and hexahedron meshing technology


Representative message

I was exposed to the use of electronic calculators from an early age. I had the habit of using information processing technology by streamlining troublesome tasks through programs.

Throughout history, information processing technology and computing power have made tremendous progress. And these have become indispensable to the development of human society. The current advances in information processing technology and computing power are not comparable to those of history. However, everyone now has devices with performance capabilities that would have been unthinkable a decade ago. I feel that the use of information processing technology is advancing in a variety of fields.


From these experiences, I wanted to solve difficult problems in society with information processing technology, and I went to a laboratory related to simulation at university. However, there are many issues with simulation technology, that the technology has not progressed on the user side, and that it takes time to perform simulation even if it is used. I witnessed a situation that it can't be said that it is utilized to be implemented in the society fully.

"We founded the current RICOS with the idea that if we could apply our own experience and the technology we developed to this problem, we could deliver higher value-added products to society. In the future, we will continue to choose specialists such as engineering, physics, computational science, mathematics, etc., and we will deeply recognize the issues faced by customers and society. We are committed to solving problems through comprehensive ""research"" on ""computation"" in advanced ""science""."