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What is Savanna

RICOS is operating its Savanna system, a group of servers specialized in numerical computation and machine learning respectively.

This system forms the calculation base of AI technology that requires an enormous amount of calculation by using computers efficiently according to the analysis program. In addition, we are developing the computer operational know-how obtained in this system as HPC system and cloud environment that matches the customer's environment.

Features of Savanna

  • ①Savanna can be used at a low price

    Even if you do not have your computer, you can use it from a small lot with our cloud service. In addition, Savanna can be used at a low price of 100 yen per 1 node hour.

  • ②MPI parallel computation is available

    Savanna is a computer cluster that enables MPI parallel computation, so it is possible to execute simulations and calculations in parallel between nodes.

  • ③Mass storage by a distributed file system

    It has a petabyte-class distributed file system and can process and store mass data.

Computer specifications

Hardware node configuration

System A System B
Pay-as-you-go (1 node hour) 100 200
Exclusive period (month) 48000 96000
Exclusive period (year) 432000 864000
Storage usage fee (/GB/day) 0.05 yen* 0.05 yen*
Data transfer usage fee (/GB) 5 yen * Free for the time being 5 yen * Free for the time being

Fee structure

System A System B
CPU Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge-EP
12-Cores, 2.2 GHz (2-units)
Intel Xeon Ivy Bridge-EP
12-Cores, 2.2 GHz (2-units)
Theoretical computing performance 422.4 GFlops 422.4 GFlops
RAM DDR3-1600, 512 GB DDR3-1600, 128 GB
Memory Bandwidth 102.4 GB/s 102.4 GB/s
Bytes / Flops 0.24 0.24