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Recruitment Information

Consulting engineer

About the Role


1. Conducting new client interviews to understand their needs and creating proposals.
2. Executing presentations, demos, and PoCs as per client needs.
3. Providing comprehensive technical support around deal closings, including training during product implementation.
4. Responding to inquiries and providing support to existing clients.


1. Communication skills (both English (native / fluent) and Japanese (N1 / N2))
2. Strong interest in AI and machine learning.
3. Problem-solving ability for client needs.
4. Experience in programming with Python (basic reading and writing).
5. Experience in using OpenFOAM.


1. Experience in using or proposing machine learning products.
2. Experience using scripting functions in ParaView.
3. Deep understanding of the product development process in the manufacturing industry.


About the Compensation


Whole recruitment process will be done without uniform restrictions such as work experience, age, gender, educational background, degrees, etc. However, candidates must either already possess the abilities required for the job or have the capability and willingness to acquire them in a short period


Permanent employment.


・Varies based on job type, employment conditions (weekly working hours), and salary payment terms.
・Expected annual salary: 8.4 - 10.8 million JPY/year (30 hours/week, monthly salary system).
* Working conditions will be set according to your preferences.


If agreed upon in advance, it will be adjusted with the salary. Bonus will be defined by company-wide revenue.


・Working space assistance system (conditional).
・Company housing system (conditional).


You can choose either system. Part-time work is also welcome.
・Full flextime system (work rules: 6 hours/day, 120 hours/month, adjustable per employment contract).
・Discretionary labor system.


・Full two-day weekend system.
・New Year holidays (12/30 - 1/4).
・Annual paid leave.
・Maternity/paternity leave.
・Childcare/elderly care leave.
・Time off for nursing care.
・Time off for jury duty, etc.

*Under the full flextime system, it's possible to adjust work for a "de facto 3-day weekend" or "work 1.33 times for 3 weeks and then take a week off".
*Under the discretionary labor system, you are expected to work primarily on weekdays.


・Labor Insurance: Workers' accident compensation insurance: applicable to all.
・Employment insurance: applicable if working hours are 20 hours/week or more and not a daytime student. Discuss with us if you have another job.
・Social Insurance: Employee pension insurance: applicable if working hours are 22.5 hours/week or more and under 70 years old.
・Health insurance: applicable if working hours are 22.5 hours/week or more and under 75 years old.


Please apply via the application form. For inquiries, please contact us.