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RICOS has been selected for “Deep Tech Startup Support Fund/Deep Tech Startup Support Project (DTSU Project)” of NEDO in FY2024

RICOS Co. Ltd. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, CEO Yu Ihara, “RICOS”) realizes the efficiency and high added value of product design through AI and simulation technology. We are pleased to announce that we have been selected for the “Deep Tech Startup Support Fund/Deep Tech Startup Support Project (DTSU Project)” of the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).

■Overview of DTSU Project
“Deep-Tech Startups Support Program” provides support for research and development and commercialization in three phases for “deep-tech startups” engaged in research and development of innovative technologies. Eligible projects are those that require long-term research and development and large-scale funding to establish the technology, commercialize it, and implement it in society and that are considered to contribute to solving economic and social issues (carbon neutrality, resource circulation, economic security, etc.) to be addressed by the country or the world as a whole, despite the high risk involved
(Excerpt from NEDO Deep-Tech Startups Support Project, Detail info is in DTSU selection page (Japanese))

■Selected Project
Project Title: AI-based Thermal-Fluid Simulation Leading to Automated Product Design
Project Overview: In current product design, simulations take time and are limited in application. RICOS aims to develop an AI-CAE system for thermal fluids using proprietary AI technology highly compatible with physical phenomena to solve various issues in analysis. Customer needs have already been identified, and the development system will be swiftly introduced to the market and expanded for sales.

■RICOS and the Unique AI Algorithm “IsoGCN”
RICOS is a startup that realizes the efficiency and high added value of product design through AI and simulation technology. Our AI-CAE tool, RICOS Lightning, incorporates the AI algorithm “IsoGCN” developed by RICOS, enabling rapid and accurate prediction of simulation results. “IsoGCN,” specialized for application to simulation data, has the following four features:

1. Acceleration: By reducing computational complexity compared to conventional simulations, it enables a fundamental acceleration of simulations.
2. Understanding of 3D Data: It can comprehensively understand three-dimensional shapes, making it suitable for predicting complex shapes used in product design.
3. Potential for “Extrapolation” Regarding Shape: By incorporating methods such as fluid analysis, thermal analysis, and structural analysis into the algorithm, reliable results can be obtained even for entirely new product shapes similar to conventional simulations.
4. Easy Operation: Strict meshing work, traditionally essential for CAE simulations, is unnecessary. As a result, it enables early startup for those involved in simulations and allows use by designers and engineers, not just simulation specialists.

As a result, there have been achievements in shortening simulation calculation times from several days to minutes while maintaining sufficient accuracy. Additionally, the ability to confirm calculation results instantly brings us closer to achieving real-time product design. Through our products, RICOS aims to effectively utilize scientific computing in all manufacturing fields and ultimately achieve a world where optimal performance can be designed instantaneously.

■Usage of this Grant
Based on this substantial grant, we will develop the algorithm “IsoGCN” to be applicable to a wider range of technical areas (especially thermal fluid analysis), thereby expanding its application beyond conventional aerodynamic and fluid analysis. We hope this will contribute to the advancement and cost reduction of design and analysis tasks for a wider range of customers.

■Company information
RICOS Co. Ltd.
Address of head office: 2-3-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Representative director: Yu Ihara, CEO
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