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TAKENAKA Corporation has initiated exploration to accelerate wind environment simulations with AI-CAE algorithm solution developed by RICOS

RICOS Co. Ltd. (CEO Yu Ihara) specializes in using AI and simulation technologies to enhance efficiency and add value to product design. We announce we have initiated an exploration of applying the AI-CAE algorithm solution developed by RICOS to TAKENAKA Corporation (President Masato Sasaki), which aims to accelerate wind environment simulation calculations in building design.
In the field of architecture, where unique designs for each project are essential, the ability to perform simulations quickly and the versatility to analyze various product shapes are crucial. In response to this, TAKENAKA Corporation focuses on RICOS’s AI algorithm for its robustness to changes in building shape and conditions, aiming for significant reductions in computation time keeping the same level accuracy. TAKENAKA and RICOS will continue to explore use cases which lead to benefit from AI-CAE algorithms.

■RICOS original AI algorithm – ‘IsoGCN’
RICOS Lightning includes our original AI algorithm called ‘IsoGCN’, which can predict simulation outcomes both rapidly and with great accuracy. Designed specifically for use with simulation data, ‘IsoGCN’ features four key characteristics.

1. High speed: IsoGCN reduces computation significantly compared to traditional simulations, enabling faster simulations.
2. 3D Data Comprehension: It accurately understands 3D shapes, making it suitable for predicting complex product designs.
3. Extrapolation for Shapes: Incorporating methods like fluid, thermal, and structural analysis, IsoGCN delivers reliable results for new product shapes.
4. Easy Operation: It eliminates the need for rigorous meshing work required in traditional CAE simulations, speeding up the process and making it accessible to non-experts.
Using IsoGCN can reduce simulation time from days to minutes while maintaining accuracy, moving closer to real-time product design. Its applications include aerodynamic analysis for automobiles, thermal analysis of electronic components, and thermal fluid analysis of gasses.

RICOS aims to make scientific computation effectively usable in all manufacturing, envisioning a world where optimal performance can be designed instantly.

■Company information
RICOS Co. Ltd.
Address of head office: 2-3-2, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0005
Representative director: Yu Ihara, CEO
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